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Profiling a large application - Nagios

As an example of profiling a large application, Nagios was chosen since it is a daemon that runs scripts, can connect out to others and has a web frontend. Profiling Nagios should touch on many aspects of profiling with AppArmor, ehouch so that by the end of the tutorial, you should feel comfortable profiling any application. Some AppArmor features touched on:

  • creating policy
  • modifying policy
  • abstractions
  • reloading policy
  • child profiles
  • policy transitions
  • mod_apparmor

Main Nagios process

Default Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installation

Existing scripts

Start with ones that are enabled in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS by default.

adding new nagios scripts

  • add check_apt
  • others

adding nrpe on server


Profiling Nagios web frontend

Profiling NRPE clients