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What are Launchpad and Bazaar

Launchpad is a web based platform for software development and code hosting.

Bazaar (also known as bzr) is a distributed version control system that is designed to be easy to use. It is the version control system of choice for launchpad and provides good integration with Launchpad.

Downloading AppArmor without an account

Downloading tarballs

The current release tarballs can be found in [[1]], by selecting the series and then from the series page selecting the desired download.

Checking out the source tree with bazaar

To get an svn style checkout of the current development branch do

 bzr co lp:apparmor

to create a local branch

 bzr branch lp:apparmor

Checking out the source tree with git

The apparmor development repository is not currently mirrored with git. There is an effort underway to make this happen again

== Checking out the source tree using git + git-bzr-ng

It is possible to checkout the userspace tools using git + git-bzr-ng

install git-bzr-ng copy into git commands

on Ubuntu cp /usr/lib/git-core/git-bzr
chmod +x /usr/lib/git-core/git-bzr

There is a known common issue with bzr-fast-import that can cause git-bzr-ng to fail with newer versions of bzr

To fix the issue we need to grab the patch from the end of the bug and patch bzr-fast-import. The patch can be found at the link below, click on the "download diff" link.

patch the bzrlib/ on your system

  • on Ubuntu it can be found at /usr/share/pyshared/bzrlib/

Clone the repository

git bzr clone lp:apparmor

 git clone git://

??? with a Launchpad Account

Creating a Launchpad Account

Downloading tarballs

Creating a branch

Checking out a your branch

Creating a local branch

Proposing a merge from a branch

AppArmor team members


brief step by step of using bzr with AA