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AppArmor 2.10.1 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.10.1 is an incremental bug fix release over AppArmor 2.10 that is focused on fixing issues in the userspace code.

Improvements and Bugs Fixed

Policy Compiler (a.ka. apaprmor_parser)

  • Caching
    • Fix caching timestamp mtime issues (lp#1484178)
    • bump abi to force policy recompiles for bad caches
    • Fix uninitialized variable and reference leak
  • allow "unspec" (AF_UNSPEC) family in network rules (lp#1546455)
  • properly parse named transition targets (lp#1540666)
  • allow profile keyword to be used with namespaces (lp#1544387)
  • Fix segfault when processing profile directories (lp#1534405)
  • Fix regression: Honor the --namespace-string commandline option (lp#1526085)
  • Fix remount with bind (lp#1272028)
  • Fix a missing comma in when dumping capability names for debugging
  • Fix incorrect output of child profile names (-N) which could cause policy reload to remove children profiles that should not have been. (lp#1551950)


  • Fix crash on change_hat events (lp#1523297)
  • fix log parsing memory leaks


  • aa-status
    • make aa-status work without python3-apparmor (lp#1480492)
  • aa-easyprof
    • Use for AppArmorException handling in aa-easyprof
  • aa-logprof, aa-genprof, aa-mergeprof
    • Fix wrong usage of write_prof_data in serialize_profile_from_old_profile() (lp#1528139)
    • Fix aa-mergeprof crash with files containing multiple profiles
    • Add simple_tests/profile/ to utils test exception list
    • Remove pname to bin_name mapping in autodep()
    • do sanity check for all file events (lp#1540562)
    • handle versioned ruby interpreters
    • print test filenames in 'make check' and 'make coverage'
    • Better error message on unknown profile lines
    • AARE: escape reserved exclamation mark symbol
    • More useful logparser failure reports
    • Fix handling of link events in aa-logprof
    • Write unix rules when saving a profile (lp#1522938, boo#954104)
    • Adjust for python2
    • Adjust type(x) == str checks in the rule classes for py2 (lp#1513880)
    • Let the error handler print to stderr (lp#1521400)
    • ignore log event if request_mask == (lp#1525119)
    • Fix crash on change_hat events (lp#1523297)
    • Several fixes for variable handling
    • Change abstract methods in BaseRule to use NotImplementedError
    • Map c (create) log events to w instead of a
    • Also add python 3.5 to logprof.conf
    • Add debug info to profile_storage()
    • Fix parsing/storing bare file rules
    • update PYMODULES in tools/Makefile
    • Add python to the "no Px rule" list in logprof.conf
    • let ignore file_inherit events without request_mask (lp#1466812)
    • Let 'make check' work without logprof.conf (lp#1393979)
    • Fix handling of interpreters with parameters (lp#1505775)
    • merge script handling into get_interpreter_and_abstraction()
    • Add tests for create_new_profile()
    • Change utils/test/Makefile to use the in-tree libapparmor
    • Parse all parser simple_tests with the utils code
    • Get rid of global variable 'logger'
    • make 'ldd' variable non-global
    • Fix missing profile init in create_new_profile()
    • Store filename for includes and hats
    • Add AARE tests for [chars] and [^chars] style globbing to
    • load_include(): use include_dir_filelist()
    • remove unused code from load_include()
    • load_include(): avoid loading directory includes multiple times
    • Reset aa and original_aa in read_profiles()
    • move tests for convert_regexp() to (new)
    • Accept more log formats in
    • Test libapparmor test_multi tests against
    • utils/aa-logprof.pod: fix typo in manpage (lp#1485855)
    • Add network mpls and ib to rule/ and the apparmor.d manpage
    • map socket_create events to 'net' events
    • Check for duplicate profiles
    • Fix name_to_prof_filename() error behaviour
    • Change RE_PROFILE_START to accept variables
    • Split add_event_to_tree() into multiple functions
    • drop shebang from apparmor/rule/*.py


  • Change /bin/ paths in profiles to also match on /usr/bin/

Updates to the following profiles:

  • sbin.dhclient: allow executing nm-dhcp-helper and access to some files in /var/lib/dhcp6/ and /var/lib/NetworkManager/
  • sbin.syslog-ng: add several permissions (abstractions/openssl, reading the journal etc.) which are needed by the latest syslog-ng (boo#948584, boo#948753)
  • allow reading @{PROC}/@{pid}/net/dev (boo#939568)
  • usr.lib.dovecot.auth: allow writing to /var/run/dovecot/user-stats (needed by dovecot >= 2.2.22)
  • usr.lib.dovecot.lmtp: add openssl and ssl_keys abstractions
  • usr.lib.dovecot.imap: allow reading /run/dovecot/mounts
  • usr.lib.dovecot.dovecot-lda:
  • usr.sbin.avahi-daemon: allow write access to /run/systemd/notify (needed on systems with systemd)
  • usr.sbin.dnsmasq:
    • allow /bin/sh and /bin/dash in addition to /bin/bash (boo#940749, non-public)
    • allow /dev/tty rw which is needed by the --dhcp-script's shell (boo#940749, non-public)
    • add attach_disconnected flag (lp#1569316)
  • usr.sbin.nscd: allow reading /proc/self/cmdline, needed for paranoia mode (boo#971790)
  • usr.sbin.ntpd:
    • add attach_disconnected flag (needed for using nscd)
    • allow reading the directory listing of $PATH (boo#945592)
  • usr.sbin.smbd: allow capability sys_admin which is needed because smbd stores ACLs in the security.NTACL namespace (boo#964971, Discussion on the Samba mailinglist)
  • usr.sbin.winbindd:

Updates to the following abstractions:

  • base: allow reading /usr/share/locale-bundle/ (contains translations in openSUSE)
  • nameservice: allow reading /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf (lp#1529074)
  • python: update for python3
  • samba: update for Samba 4.2 (boo#921098)
  • ssl_certs, ssl_keys: allow reading acmetool-generated certificates in /var/lib/acme/
  • X: allow unix connections to @/tmp/.ICE-unix/[0-9]*, needed by (at least) firefox and thunderbird
  • allow dconf abstraction to read /etc/dconf/**


  • Correct meaning of EPERM in aa_change_profile man page
  • document open fds may be revalidated after aa_change_profile()
  • document exec deny rules don't allow tranisition quanifier ix, Px, Ux etc. - only 'deny /foo x,' is allowed.
  • Add realtime signals to SIGNALS list in apparmor.d manpage
  • Add realtime signal example to the apparmor.d manpage
  • Add missing variables @{pids} and @{apparmorfs} to the apparmor.d manpage
  • fix typo "sinlge" in apparmor_parser manpage (lp#1485530)
  • Remove incorrect statement in aa_change_profile man page

Init Scripts

  • Fix aa_log_end_msg() in rc.apparmor.suse (boo#862170)

Regression and Unit Tests

  • fix ptrace tests for arm64 and s390 (lp#1470985, lp#1531325)
  • Add parser tests for various rules outside of a profile body
  • make caching tests not fail w/python <= 3.2
  • Don't skip parser unit test cleanup when the test was skipped
  • Run caching tests even when apparmorfs is not mounted
  • Verify cache file mtime in caching tests
  • make sysctl(2) regression test a bit more resiliant
  • fix memory leaks in libapparmor's aalogmisc unit tests.
  • Add a new test that was posted on IRC to the test_multi set

Complete Changelog

AppArmor 2.10.1 includes revisions 3326 through 3205 from the 2.10 branch.