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AppArmor 2.4 Release Notes

Kerenel version: 2.6.31

In this version of AppArmor development of new features was largely halted and the kernel module was rewritten to use the new path_permission hooks provided by the LSM. This necessitated some changes to user space as well and some features were lost.

Features removed

Set profile interface

The ability for an unconfined process to arbitrarily set a tasks profile via the /proc/<pid>/attr/current interface was removed. This was done due to changes necessitated by the kernels move to creds, which no longer allows another task from modifying a given tasks creds.

This interface was used by the profiling tools to change running tasks from the null-complain-profile to newly created profiles. The move to unique null-XXXX profiles was designed to circumvent this limitation but the full support needed to handle this was not implemented in AppArmor 2.4. To work around this problem applications must stopped and started during profiling.

chmod, chown mediation

Path based mediation of chmod and chown was lost due to limitations in the security_path hooks

xattr mediation

Path based mediation of xattrs was lost due to limitations in the security_path hooks.

path mediation of unix domain socket

Path based mediation of unix domain sockets was lost due to limitations in the security_path hooks.

New Features

Regex based profile names

Profile names can now contain regular expressions allowing all profile to match against multiple binaries.

pux transition

profile transitions so that x transitions can fall back to unconfined if a profile is not present

Better support of profile namespaces

Basic caching of compiled profiles

kill mode

audit control


change profile on exec

The basics of the ability to delay change_profile until exec time was added. This allows change_profile to be used without stub profiles for immediate transitions.

change_profile <profile_name> -> executable?




null-complain-profile replaced by null-XXXX

The use of a single shared null-complain profile to do learning was replaced with unique null-XXX profiles.


Alias rules

Alias rules have the same bug as in AppArmor 2.3 where the alias rule removes the original path making it impossible to express any permission for the replaced path.

Ubuntu 9.10 specific Notes

The init of AppArmor was split into an early profile load done out of initramfs and a later load as part of system boot. This was done due to limitations on how dependencies were being handled by upstart for the start up of some of the networking services which would cause them to be loaded before the profile was loaded.

  • libvirt???