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AppArmor 2.5.2 Release Notes

The 2.5.2 release of the AppArmor user space tools fixes bugs and includes minor enhancements over the AppArmor 2.5.1 release.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

AppArmor Profiles

  • update Ubuntu email abstraction for ever-changing path of Thunderbird
  • fix proc usage in firefox profile (bnc #436262)
  • fix incorrect /proc/*/sys usage in usr.sbin.ntpd (bnc #634801)
  • updated dnsmasq profile (LP: #697239)
  • updated abstraction
  • updated X abstraction for dri modules (LP: #658135)
  • other various abstraction updates

AppArmor Parser

  • add workaround for kernel bug in handling AF_MAX network entries (LP: #727478)
  • skip build time cache tests when in environments where securityfs is not available
  • break build targets apart to support distributors who don't wish to build/include everything.
  • fix a couple of situations where invalid characters were being passed through to stdout
  • fix use after free in regexp parser
  • fix two x (execute) transition conflict bugs (LP: #693082) and add testcases

AppArmor Utils (aa-genprof, aa-logprof)

  • fix to set complain mode on subprofiles (LP: #707092)
  • fix handling of log entries containing a null path (bnc #407959)
  • fix handling of audit events for unconfined processes
  • cleanup process state correct after abort in genprof (bnc #586072)
  • fix aa-logprof's behavior when writing out variable declarations to not emit incorrect syntax
  • fix network event handling due to change in log format (bnc #665483)
  • abstract out the perl vendor location for distros to override if necessary at installation time
  • adjust strings for easier translations (bnc #586072)
  • updates to manpages
  • other minor bugfixes

AppArmor Library (libapparmor)

  • make change_hatv(), change_hat_varargs() available via swig interfaces
  • fix python swig bindings to be functional

Regression Test Suite

  • fix auto-generation of profiles on x86_64 systems.
  • fix "deleted" test case to match the documentation for the expected outcome and add additional positive test.
  • fix xattr tests to use its own loopback mounted fs to ensure that user_xattrs are supported.
  • fix minimalist tcp test and re-enable
  • fix several testsuite warnings and typos.

Features removed

Some deprecated and obsolete features were removed with this release:

  • utils/ - due to incorrect license/copyright statement