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AppArmor 2.6.0 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.6 is incremental improvement over AppArmor 2.5, that has focused on bug fixing and internal cleanups of the userspace code over new features. AppArmor 2.6 is purely a userspace release, it leverages the same kernel code as AppArmor 2.5.

New Features and Improvements

AppArmor Parser

  • add support for profile names that are independent of attachment specification
  • faster policy compilation, with less peak memory use
  • add a safe exec transition keyword
  • make leading x permissions consistent with trailing x permissions
  • new policy compilation information dump flags
  • write_cache is no longer a privileged operation (DAC permissions still apply)
  • use file timestamps to determine if cache is stale on load
  • fix dfa graph dumping
  • add -o option to dump compiled policy to a file
  • reintroduce -p (preprocess) flag
  • fix two x (execute) transition conflict bugs (LP: #693082) and add testcases
  • enable initscripts to work with upstream kernel that is missing compatibility patches
  • skip cache tests during build when securityfs is not mounted
  • break out make targets so that distributors that don't want full documentation can pick the targets they want

AppArmor Utils (aa-genprof/aa-logprof)

  • standardize on all utils using the "aa-" prefix
  • add aa-disable, a utility to disable profiles
  • updated apparmor.vim to more accurately parse current policy language syntax
  • abstract out the perl vendor location for distros to override if necessary at installation time
  • fix to set complain mode on subprofiles (LP: #707092)
  • other minor bugfixes

AppArmor Library (libapparmor)

  • add support for newer auditd formatted messages.
  • make change_hatv(), change_hat_varargs() available via swig interfaces
  • fix python swig bindings to be functional

AppArmor release wide changes

  • new/updated regression tests
  • new and updated profile abstractions
  • new and updated reference profiles
  • refreshed kernel compatibility patches for most recent versions of the kernel
  • updated documentation and translation files
  • Fix up tomcat build
  • make setup target work independently
  • replace SubDomain with AppArmor in most instances
  • build, code, and comment cleanups

AppArmor Policy Language Changes

There have been a few changes to the profile language

Profile Naming and Attachment Specification

Profiles can now have a name and an attachment specification. This allows for profiles with a logical name that can be more meaningful to users/administrators than a profile name that contains globbing. For example, the default profile:

  /** { .. }    # a default profile

can be named

  profile default /** { .. }

Also, a profile using globbing/regular expressions can be named; for example:

  /usr/lib/firefox-3.*/firefox-*bin { }

can be named

  profile firefox /usr/lib/firefox-3.*/firefox-*bin { }

Safe/unsafe Keyword

The safe and unsafe keywords have been added, this allows rules with x transitions to have environment scrubbing specified by keyword instead of using the case of the x modifier.

 /example1 Px,

is the same as

 safe /example1 px,
 safe /example1 Px,
 safe px /example1,
 safe Px /example1,
 /example2 px,

is the same as

 unsafe /example2 px,
 unsafe /example2 Px,
 unsafe px /example2,
 unsafe Px /example2,

The safe/unsafe keywords are mutually exclusive and can be used in a file rule after the owner keyword

 ie. [audit] [deny] [owner] [safe|unsafe] filerule,

Consistent x (execute) Permissions

Leading and trailing x (execute) permissions have been made consistent. Previously when x permissions where used in the leading position

 px /example

The case of the x modifier was ignored and the unsafe keyword was required to indicate environment variable scrubbing was not to be done on exec. The case on the leading x permissions is now consistent with the use when the x permissions are specified after the path in a rule.

The safe and unsafe keywords retain the same function but can be used with all file rules that have x transitions.

This behavior change may affect profiles written using leading x permission that used lower case exec modifiers.

Features removed

Some deprecated and obsolete features were removed with this release:

  • utils/ - due to incorrect license/copyright statement
  • - replaced by aa-eventd, which is not nearly but almost as obsolete
  • gnome apparmor applet - replaced by aa-notify
  • old v2.0 log parsing code from libapparmor
  • remove subversion deritrus
  • slackware tarball build support
  • embedded pcre code from AppArmor 2.0.x