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AppArmor 2.7 is incremental improvement over AppArmor 2.6, that has focused on bug fixing and internal cleanups of the userspace code over new features. AppArmor 2.7 is purely a userspace release, it leverages the same kernel code as AppArmor 2.5.

New Features and Improvements

AppArmor release wide changes

  • Merged in Several patches carried by Ubuntu and opensuse
  • Support for systemd
  • Improved Debian packaging and build


  • completely rewritten (in python) and updated


  • fix notifier so that it works on opensuse

AppArmor Parser

  • add capability syslog support
  • support for rlimit cpu
  • conf file to control optimization settings
  • improved debugging dumps
  • build improvements and cleanups to code
  • check parser's own time stamp with respect to binary cache
  • improved profile attachment specification handling
  • better support of older kernel with compiles involving network rules
  • multiple minore bug fixes

AppArmor Utils (aa-genprof/aa-logprof)

  • update log entry types
  • prefer /var/log/syslog over /var/log/messages
  • turn off printk ratelimiting while generating profiles
  • add capability syslog
  • Fix px/Px cx/Cx permission modifiers so they aren't always lower case
  • fix subprofile whitespacing

AppArmor Library (libapparmor)

  • new fn aa_find_moutpoint
  • new fn aa_is_enabled
  • new fn aa_getcon
  • new fn aa_gettaskcon
  • new fn aa_getpeercon


  • add pux and PUX permissions
  • add capability syslog

AppArmor Profiles

  • multiarch paths
  • update with capability syslog
  • multiple minor profile improvements
  • /var/run -> /run updates


  • systemd support add to rc.apparmor.functions
  • actually skip loading profiles that are reported as skipped
  • properly handle child profile separators
  • unload hats first