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AppArmor 2.7.2 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.7.2 is an incremental bug fix release over AppArmor 2.7.0, that has focused on bug fixing of the userspace code. AppArmor 2.7.2 is purely a userspace release, it leverages the same kernel code as AppArmor 2.7.0.

Linux kernel compatability

As with prior releases, the AppArmor user space utilities are dependent on a few bits of kernel functionality that were not accepted by upstream when the kernel portion of AppArmor was merged into the Linux kernel. Compatibility patches are included in this user space release.

See upstream release notes for more information.

Improvements and Bugs Fixed

For a detailed listing of change see the changelog between tags 2.7 and 2.7.2 in the 2.7 branch


- Fix profile autogeneration to include read access to interpreted scripts - autogeneration include appropriate includes for python/ruby scripts

Profile fixes/updates

- abstractions

 - KDE4
  - p11-kit
  - python
  - aspell
  - enchant
  - fonts
  - ubuntu-media-players
  - ubuntu-integration
  - ubuntu-browsers.d/multimedia
  - ubuntu-bittorrent-clients
  - abstractions/apache2-common

- smbd - dnsmask - syslog-ng - avahi - cups - dovecot - sshd


- Create /etc/apparmor.d/tunables/multiarch.d directory