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New features

  • Basic mount rules are now supported (requires mount kernel patch)
  • New introspection interface - the features file has been converted to a directory if new kernel patches or linux 3.4 is used
  • new aa-exec utility to launch programs under a specific profile
  • new aa-easyprof templated profile generation tool

Language changes/improvements

  • Files
    • addition of optional 'file' keyword, that can be used with file rules
      file /example/rule r,
    • bare file keyword can be used to represent all file perms
      file, #Grant access to all file perms
  • Capabilities
    • capability rules can now list multiple capabilities
      capability dac_override sys_admin,
    • bare capability keyword now allows representing all capability permissions
      capability, # Grant all capabilities
  • Mount
    • see mount rules in the core policy reference manual


  • improvements to state minimization has been made in the compiler
  • improvements in the compilers run time memory foot print, especially for large policy
  • improvements in build autogeneration of network, rlimit, and capability info
  • change_profile rules grant access to the necessary kernel interface
  • New regression tests and test suite improvements
  • restructured apparmor.vim creation script
  • use of autodep when creating child profiles
  • improvments to compilation test, verification and dumping

Bug fixes

  • Fix infinite loop bug in compiler normialization
  • Fix conversion bug for pcre hex digits
  • several fixes around genprof/logprof missing log entries
  • Fix several genprof/logprof handling x rules
  • Fix autodep profile creation
  • Fix aa_getprocattr error paths
  • Fix handling of ip addresses and ports in logparsing
  • added missing capabilities to the severity.db
  • Change_profile now works correctly from confined processes
  • change_onexec has been fixed for profiles that don't have an attachment specification
  • and numerous other bug fixes

Reference Profile updates

  • dnsmasq
  • usr.lib.dovecot.imap-login allow inet6
  • webbrowser profile updates
  • new abstractions:
    • ubuntu-helpers
    • xdg-desktop
  • X abstractions
  • KDE abstractions
  • and many more