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2.8.2 includes revisions 2070 through 2087 from the 2.8 branch.

Bug fixes

  • Kshitij Gupta fixed a display bug in aa-logprof, aa-genprof, with the Glob and Glob with Ext putting duplicate entries in the list. The fix introduced a Perl 5.10.1 or higher dependency.
  • Gernot Vormayr fixed a potential NULL-write in aa_getprocattr() error path
  • Michael Palimaka fixed hu translations
  • Fix for cache failures when the feature file is larger than internal buffer
  • Fix apparmor_parser cache tempfile location to use passed arg


  • Dmitrijs Ledkovs fixed configure to use python-config if it exists
  • Dmitrijs Ledkovs provided python3 compability changes

Reference Profile updates

  • Intrigeri provided abstractions/fonts improvements
  • Felix Geyer added Dolphin (default Kubuntu file manager) to the list of file managers in abstractions/ubuntu-browsers.d/ubuntu-integration.
  • Move poppler's cMaps from gnome to fonts; gnome includes fonts
  • Deny writes to upstart user sessions jobs in abstractions/private-files
  • Deny @{HOME}/.gnome2/keyrings/** to abstractions/private-files-strict
  • Add read access to @{PROC}/sys/vm/overcommit_memory to abstractions/base
  • Update pulseaudio directory and cookie file paths
  • Add missing permissions to the nscd profile.
  • Deny capability block_suspend to nscd
  • MariaDB compatability in abstractions/mysql