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AppArmor 2.8.4 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.8.4 is an incremental bug fix release over AppArmor 2.8.3 that focused on fixing bugs in the userspace code and updating policy.

AppArmor 2.8.4 includes revisions 2123 through 2148 from the 2.8 branch.

Important behavioral change announcement for apache mod_apparmor users

AppArmor 2.8.2 and before contained a bug in mod_apparmor that as a side effect, caused a AADefaultHatName defined hat to be attempted before the raw URI if no AAHatName had been set, contrary to the documented ordering of attempted hats. AppArmor 2.8.3 fixed this bug and thus implemented the documented ordering. However, a number of users had come to depend on the AADefaultHatName being attempted before the URI hat (lp#1322778); also, each failed URI hat attempt would cause a kernel log event, creating a lot of noise. The AppArmor 2.8.4 release reverts this behavioral ordering change, and documents the original ordering as such:

  1. try to aa_change_hat(2) into a matching AAHatName hat if it exists and applies, otherwise it will
  2. try to aa_change_hat(2) into an AADefaultHatName hat if it has been defined, otherwise it will
  3. try to aa_change_hat(2) into the URI itself, otherwise it will
  4. try to aa_change_hat(2) into the DEFAULT_URI hat, if it exists, otherwise it will
  5. fall back to the global Apache policy


  • People using only the AAHatName keyword, URI hats, or the default hat should not see any changes in behavior.
  • People using only the AADefaultHatName should see the same behavior as from 2.8.2 and prior releases
  • People using a mix of any of AAHatName, AADefaultHatName, and URI based hats will want to re-examine their policy and/or apache configuration, based on the ordering above.

Profile tools

  • properly handle bare 'file' keyword bnc#889652
  • handle bare 'capability' keyword bnc#889651
  • fix bare 'network' keyword handling bnc#889650
  • add glob for perl5 multiarch to logprof.conf
  • add entries for perl and CAP_AUDIT_READ to severity.db


  • Remove <sys/sysctl.h> from parser_main.c to fix FTBFS on x32 platform Debian#760378
  • fix FTBFS when building with clang Debian#756807
  • Fix profile loads from cache files that contain multiple profiles


Policy updates


  • added abstractions/dconf for querying dconf settings
  • abstractions/audio - add /etc/wildmidi/wildmidi.cfg
  • abstractions/ - ~/.local/share/applications/
  • abstractions/gnome - /usr/share/themes/, /usr/share/gnome/applications/
  • abstractions/kde - /etc/xdg/Trolltech.conf
  • abstractions/mysql - more mysql.sock locations
  • abstractions/nameservice:
    • /var/lib/extrausers/{group,password}
    • read access for avahi socket
    • support nscd locations under /run bnc#886225
  • abstractions/nvidia - additional /proc and glcache locations lp#1325050
  • abstractions/openssl - bnc#857122#c2
  • abstractions/perl - /usr/lib/@{multiarch}/perl{,5}/**
  • abstractions/python - support more python versions lp#1198672
  • abstractions/web-data - add default debian/ubuntu document location lp#1285653

Reference Policies

  • usr.sbin.ntpd - alternate pid file location bnc#899746
  • usr.sbin.dnsmasq:
    • NetworkManager integration
    • allow ipv6 mtu discovery bnc#892374
  • usr.sbin.smbd - bnc#869787