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AppArmor 2.9.0 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.9.0 introduces significant changes over the prior AppArmor 2.8 series.

New Features and Improvements Highlights

  • Support for dbus mediation (requires dbus patch, work is currently underway to get this accepted in dbus upstream)
  • Support for mediating ptrace, signals, and unix abstract sockets (needs kernel patches)
  • User tools rewritten in Python, Perl versions deprecated
  • The mod_apparmor apache module uses the vhost name as a default hat name, if one is not defined (see mod_apparmor(8) for details)
  • Lots of bug fixes, added testcases, and reference policy improvements

Language Changes

  • New "allow" keyword
  • New dbus mediation type
  • New ptrace mediation type
  • New signal mediation type
  • New unix mediation type

Please see the AppArmor Core Policy Reference for more information.