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AppArmor is a flexible mandatory access control (MAC) extension for Linux that doesn't enforce any single model. When set up appropriately it is capable of being used to enforce several different models. With that said it was designed with a targeted policy in mind and not all versions of AppArmor are capable of supporting every model.

It is important to note that AppArmor is not a replacement for unix DAC, or capabilities and it has been designed to work in conjunction with DAC and capabilities. AppArmor leverages DACs existing labeling (but not permissions) for owner and groups, and does not have a concept of user or owner that is separate from the systems user or owner. Certain security models require that policy be setup in conjunction with other linux security controls, such as owner and groups and the pam_cap module.

What AppArmor supports

AppArmor is in a state of development and so it currently does not support all the features needed to provide confinement ...

It started with file and capability rules

Policy models

AppArmor is capable (or will be) any of the following policy models.

Targeted - Targeted is the standard way in which AppArmor is deployed. It trades off the security of a totally system look down for easy of use and policy authoring, by recognizing that there are set of high value applications that can be more easily confined than the entire system while still providing value. In a targeted policy only a selection of the task on a system are confined in any meaningful way. Usually the targeted applications are network facing apps. ??? something about it being hard to confine the desktop ??? Total system - Total system confinement involves confining every application on the system. ??? what is missing from current apparmor to do this well ??? link to doc explaining how to load policy in the initrd, so that you can confine init confining all applications RBAC - Role based access control can be done as a total system confinement or a per Role confinement but all tasks within a role must be completely confined. ???? MLS - pam_cap + capability rules


basics of how AppArmor works - profile/domain centric - lazy static labeling & hybrid labels (file, networks) - capabilities - ipc - rlimits - DAC