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  • Patches (for both trunk and minor releases) must be sent to the apparmor mailing list for review.
    • If ACKed on the mailing list by at least 1 committer, they can be committed
      • If no ACK in 1 week, senders (with commit rights) can commit and need to follow up to the list that the commit was made due to time-out.
      • Patches from non-committers need to be merged/committed by the committer who ACKed the patch.
    • If patch or proposed change is NAKed. It should be discussed and given due consideration, and new patches should be sent.
      • If there is a NAK from a core dev, and an impass is reached (due perhaps to difference of opinion), then if 3 other core devs will ACK the change it will be accepted, and should be committed.
        If this situation is ever encounter due consideration must be given to the NAK and reasonable amount of effort should be taken to discuss/address the issue, but a NAK is not a veto and can be appealed and overriden where necessary.
    • Exceptions to this policy:
      • Changes to abstractions that are specific to a distro (e.g. profiles/apparmor.d/abstractions/ubuntu-*) do not require ACKs for representatives/maintainers of those distros (e.g. jdstrand of Ubuntu).
      • Translations done through launchpad translations are considered a patch submission, and can be merged after review, without needing to be forwarded to the list (unless questions arise, of course).


  • Trunk commits are at the discretion of committers.
    • Non-committers need to send patches to the mailing list for review.
      • If ACKed on the mailing list by at least 1 committer, that committer is responsible for merging the commit
  • Stable release updates should be sent to the mailing list for review but committers are not required to wait for the standard 1 week timeout.

Note that these policies are just minimum requirements; submitters and reviewers can request additional review.