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The AppArmor kernel module can be found in Linux 2.6.36 in the security/apparmor directory. Please read the notes about using the upstream version of AppArmor as it may not be the same as development or previous versions.

The development code for AppArmor can be found at


Their are multiple branches in the git tree with some of them for development and others as stable branches. Development branches see frequent rebasing and amending of commits and as such should be generally be avoided except for by developers. The stable branches can be reliably tracked as they are never rebased (hashes remain stable) and only new bug fix commits are added.

  • master - development branch and frequently is rebased or has commits amended

Stable branches (kernel version - apparmor version)

  • v3.0-aa2.6
  • v3.1-aa2.6
  • v3.2-aa2.7
  • v3.3-aa2.7
  • v3.3-aa2.8
  • v3.4-aa2.8

to obtain the AppArmor source tree from a command line you can do

 git clone git://

if you have another kernel source tree present it is well worth using the --reference option.

to obtain a branch in the AppArmor source tree from the local AppArmor git repository do

 git checkout --track -b <branch_name> origin/<branch_name>
 eg. for the AA2.5-2.6.33 branch you would do
    git checkout --track origin/v3.4-aa2.8 -b v3.4-aa2.8 

Some development and patches may exist only in the Ubuntu kernels, the patches are managed via a tree:

 git clone git://

brief step by step of getting AA with git