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AppArmor 2.10.3 Release Notes

AppArmor 2.10.3 is an incremental bug fix release over AppArmor 2.10.2 that is focused on fixing issues in the userspace code.

This release includes the 2.10 branch changes between r3379 (= 2.10.2) and r3407.

Policy Compiler (a.k.a. apparmor_parser)

  • Fix af_unix downgrade of network rules
  • Fix delete after new[]


  • Preserve unknown profiles when restarting apparmor init/job/unit CVE-2017-6507 lp#1668892


  • libapparmor: fix swig for zero length ptrace records


  • aa-unconfined - fix netstat invocation regression
  • aa-logprof - Ignore change_hat events with error=-1 and "unconfined can not change_hat"
  • Add aa-remove-unknown utility to unload unknown profiles lp#1668892
  • Remove re.LOCALE flag lp#1661766


  • Abstractions
    • - support /usr/local/applications; support subdirs of applications folder
    • python - update for python3.6
    • perl - adjust the multiarch alternation rule for modern Debian and Ubuntu systems
    • base - glibc uses /proc/*/auxv and /proc/*/status files, too
    • apache2 - updates for proper signal handling, optional saslauth, and OCSP stapling
  • dovecot
    • Allow /var/run/dovecot/login-master-notify* in dovecot imap-login profiles
    • add the attach_disconnected flag
    • change Px to mrPx for /usr/lib/dovecot/*
    • dovecot-lda needs
    • Add several permissions to the dovecot profiles that are needed on ubuntu
      • the attach_disconnected flags
      • read access to /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d/
      • rw for /run/dovecot/auth-userdb
  • traceroute - support TCP SYN for probes, quite net_admin request
  • Samba - updates for ActiveDirectory / Kerberos
  • postfix
    • change abstractions/postfix-common to allow /etc/postfix/*.db k
    • add several permissions to postfix/error, postfix/lmtp and postfix/pipe
    • remove superfluous abstractions/kerberosclient from all postfix profiles - it's included via abstractions/nameservice


  • apparmor.d manpage - Add network 'smc' keyword in NetworkRule
  • aa-status manpage updated for updated podchecker
  • Add --no-reload to various utils manpages


  • libapparmor - remove test_multi unconfined-change_hat.profile
  • regression tests: fix environ fail case