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The linux kernel use a ptrace_may_access() as a base permission check for the ability to access certain files in the /proc filesystem. This permission check is done in such a way that the LSM and hence apparmor see the ptrace request without any context where it came from. The end result is that both file rules may be needed to access a given /proc/ file, and conversely that ptrace rules can be deliberately used to deny access to certain /proc files.

Version of AppArmor

The rules need to allow control the proc file ptrace check depends on the version of the apparmor abi that is supported.

AppArmor 2

AppArmor 2 does not have direct ptrace mediation. Instead if the profile of the tracing/reading task did not match the tracee/readby task it would check the tracer's profile for the capability ptrace. This unfortunately conflates profile credentials and capability checks and was replaced in apparmor 3.


 capability ptrace,

AppArmor 3 with ptrace rules

AppArmor 3 add ptrace rules to be able to better control ptrace. The rules take the form of

 'ptrace' <perms> ['peer='<label>],

where the permissions can be

 read, trace, readby, tracedby

The ptrace rules perform a cross check between the tracer profile and the tracee profile. Where if the

 tracer {
   ptrace read label=tracee,

then tracee needs

 tracee {
   ptrace readby label=tracer,

and similarly for the trace and tracedby perms. The label= conditional can be left off if the identity of the peer doesn't matter.

ptrace rules for /proc

In the context of the proc filesystem, the tracer is the profile of the task attempting open the /proc file and the tracee is the profile of the task whose proc file is being read/traced.

Eg. To access /proc/1234/stat a tracer with the profile P, and task 1234 with a profile of T, will need both

 profile P {
   file r @{proc}/@{pid}/stat,
   ptrace read,

and the target task 1234's profile will need

 profile T {
   ptrace readby peer=P,

ptrace and unconfined

There is an exception to the above cross check. If the tracer is unconfined OR it is confined by a profile under the old apparmor 2 abi. Then the cross check is not done. In the case of the tracer being unconfined no ptrace rule is needed. In the case of the tracer being confined by a profile under the old apparmor 2 abi, the capability check is done.

List of /proc files checking ptrace access

The following list of /proc/ files should be considered incomplete. The kernel is constantly evolving and new files get added and permissions checks or conditions under which they are performed can change.

It is also important to understand that the ptrace check may not always be performed when accessing one of the following /proc files, some of the checks are conditional and only performed when the cred or user, etc is different.

List of /proc files that may cause ptrace read requests


List of /proc files that may cause ptrace trace requests