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This page documents the process for handling translations in the AppArmor user space tools development.


Translations are handled using GNU gettext. The specific tools that need translation services will have a po/ subdirectory containing the template (.pot) file and the language specific .po files. These are compiled into the .mo files for installation. The translation .po files are hand-editable, although specialized utilities like Poedit are available.

Launchpad Translations

AppArmor is also a registered project in Launchpad's Translation service, enabling the people who have volunteered to perform translations through Launchpad to contribute translations to the AppArmor project.

AppArmor translations overview page (for the apparmor trunk branch)

The launchpad translations project is configured to automatically commit to a separate bzr branch, lp:~apparmor-dev/apparmor/launchpad-translations-branch. Changes coming from this branch will periodically need to be merged over to the apparmor trunk branch. Changes made to the translations on the apparmor trunk branch will automatically be imported to the launchpad translations project as each commit happens.

Launchpad Translations help page